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The Womens Pre Worlds 2012

30 SEP 2011 09:07
Följande information har kommit från Gill Spreckley via Teresa Toivonen.
  • Skapad: 30 SEP 2011 09:07

Here is the first information about the comps next July at Issoudun including the Womens Pre Worlds.

There are three (maybe four!) comps running concurrently:

The Issoudun International which will run 12 days finishing Saturday July 14th 2012. One class for all with handicap.

The French Womens Nationals which will also finish Saturday 14th but it is not decided yet if it will be an 8 or 12 day comp. One class with

handicap - there were about 18 entires during the last 2 seasons.

The Womens Pre Worlds - same as for Womens Nats. Not sure when they will decide if its 8 or 12 days.

The Libelle Cup 12 days finishing Sat 14th.

Prize giving and big party is on Saturday night allowing travel on Sunday.

The President says that he hopes to set the same tasks for the

International and Womens. This would mean that if they decide to have only 8 days for the girls, but you prefer to fly 2 weeks,you could fly the International, and once the Womens starts be able to compare results against everyone.

In 2011 entry fee was 200e, tows 25e.

Camping facilities are good - lots of showers, washing machine,

freezers and fridges, fully equipped kitchen, big BBQ area, lots of

space trees etc.

Maybe prices are on their

site.http://www.aeroclub-issoudun.fr/index.php. Or there are houses to rent.

Issoudun is about 6 hours drive from Calais and the task area is flat .



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