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Framflyttning av ATO regler mm

13 OKT 2014 11:23
Goda nyhet ang. framflyttning av ATO regler. EASA Committe röstade för det nya förenklingsförslaget, vilket innebär att vi inte behöver ha en ATO nästa år. Vi kommer att informera mer inom kort när vi får mer information.

  • Skapad: 13 OKT 2014 11:23

Today we are pleased to send you good news from the European Commission’s EASA Committee.


During its session from 8 to 9 October the Committee adopted a favourable opinion on an amendment to the so-called Aircrew Regulation (1178/2011/EC) and its annexes. Before the changes can be applied they will have to undergo a period or scrutiny in the European Parliament and the Council, however, further changes are extremely unlikely.


Following a constructive dialogue of EAS with the Commission and Member States, based on the principles of the General Aviation Safety Strategy, the Committee’s decision brings about great improvements for our sector.

  • The requirement for Registered Facilities (RF) to become Approved Training Organisations (ATO) has been postponed by three years from April 2015 to April 2018. While this is a success in itself a key objective of the delay is to consider alternative options to ATOs for private pilot, i.e. training outside of an ATO.
  • Of great importance to those involved in competitions and flying displays the rules have been changed to allow holders of third country licenses to fly in such events.
  • As regards sailplane pilots and balloonists the legislator has increased the age limit for single pilot commercial flights from 65 to 70 years of age.
  • Rationalisation of the revalidation requirements for balloon group ratings to permit revalidation on the largest balloon the pilot intends to fly will be introduced.
  • PPL(A) training will also be allowed using Touring Motor Gliders (TMG), which is already allowed for LAPL(A) training.
  • Any powered sailplane may be designated as a TMG by the design company.
  • Revalidation Examiners will be allowed to sign SEP and MEP ratings by experience.
  • The new Credits for Instructor Ratings allow crediting hours flown on similar aircraft also for instructor ratings.
  • Revalidation requirements including seaplanes will be improved.
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