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EGU nyhetsbrev nr. 2/2013

11 JUL 2013 10:27
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  • Skapad: 11 JUL 2013 10:27

Editors note

Information from our members are coming in. We hear many hair raising stories. Like AMEs charging 300 € for the new Medical II/LAPL Medical . One NAA says there is no difference between a Medical Class II and the LAPL Medical, so in consequence they will not issue LAPL Medicals (!!!!!). Some NAAs are issuing the new licenses on a life time basis (as it should be), while at least Sweden will charge an annual “registration fee” for the license. On the good side it seems like our Icelandic friends, with the help of Denmark, now have valid ARCS for most of their gliders (after having been grounded for the last two years!!!!!!).

Please continue to keep EGU updated on the implementation of all the new rules.


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Skribent: Henrik Svensson




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