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DVD-film från Grand Prix i Anderna

11 MAJ 2011 13:13
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  • Sailplane Grand Prix in the Andes (full version - 24 minutes) - The one that started it all, this is the cut that was televised in more than 160 countries around the world during the summer of 2010.  Sailplane racing like it's never been filmed before.
  • Sailplane Grand Prix in the Andes' little brother (12 minutes, Dolby 5.1) - a shorter cut, but the audio to the max.  Enjoy.
  • Dinámica - One day in Sailplane Grand Prix - focusing on one decisive day's racing at the World Championship Finals in Santiago.  An insider's view and a pumping soundtrack.  (Fantastic!  This is the highlight of the DVD in my opinion as a contest soaring pilot. - Paul Remde)
  • The "Aquarium" shots - throw out your fish tank; we bring you more than 35 minutes of stupendous High Definition sailplane footage set to original music.  Turn on, turn up, soar away... Or just have it on in the background at parties.
  • Kawa in the cockpit - fly with reigning world champion Sebastian Kawa as he puts his aircraft through its paces high in the Andean Cordillera.
  • Day Six raw race animation - One for the sailplane nerds among us: watch how tactics and lift, experience and nerve play out with the complete race at 20 x real time.  Pilot course and tracking over mapped terrain through a six-point 330 km competitive flight.  No sound.
Skribent: Ann-Lis Olsson